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Every Role A Starring Role – Costumer Assistant at the Disneyland Resort

by Kevin Rafferty, Jr., External Communications Manager, Disneyland Resort

Every Role a Starring Role
Every Role a Starring Role

Shannon Jackson-Johnson is a costumer assistant at the Disneyland Resort and is currently responsible for the “Frightfully Fun Parade,” which is part of the after-hours, separate-ticket event, Mickey’s Halloween Party,* at Disneyland park. Shannon works with her team to ensure knowledge is being shared for new offerings within the parade and how costumes are prepared for performers each day.

As a cast member for the past eight years at the Disneyland Resort, Shannon began as a third-shift custodial cast member and moved to costumer assistance where she has been for the past year and a half.

In this “Every Role A Starring Role,” see behind-the-scenes and learn how Shannon works with costumes to help the “Frightfully Fun Parade” come to life for guests during Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort.

*Mickey’s Halloween Party tickets are subject to availability and are valid only for specific event dates and hours. Space is limited. Limit eight (8) tickets per person, per event date. Tickets are nonrefundable and may not be resold. Costumes subject to Disney guidelines at and should not be obstructive or offensive. Ages 2 and under: no ticket required. Entertainment may be canceled due to inclement weather or otherwise. Subject to restrictions and change without notice.



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