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California Adventure VIP Experience | California

Exclusive Customized VIP Private Experience:

Disney California Adventure is the new world renowned entertainment venue and a "sister" park to Disneyland. It is known as a fun, popular, and original vacation destination. With the many attractions Disney California Adventure has to offer, it can often be quite overwhelming and fairly difficult to navigate, especially with large crowds, very warm weather, and excited children. In fact, it can be most stressful.

Your Disney California Adventure holiday is supposed to provide a respite from the normal stress of everyday life. Upon engaging Southern California Private Tours, you not only get a knowledgeable VIP Concierge, but also an itinerary planner for your Disney California Adventure Experience.


Dining Choices:

There are quite a number of dining and food venues throughout Disney California Adventure. Utilizing our experience and ability to use technology to its fullest, you will be guided to the best spots according to your culinary tastes. Our tour directors can even make table service reservations for you in advance of your visit.

Our VIP Concierge Is Your "GPS" Navigator:

As in any major metropolis, there are streets, paths and walkways through each of the "lands".  It is always best to know the shortest and most optimal distance between the many attractions and facilities in Disneyland. Not only will you conserve your valuable holiday time, but you will not over-utilize your "Disney Energy" having to walk long distances on a hot day to find a restroom or a food venue.

This happens way too often, especially with guests who aren't familiar with the shortcuts. Our VIP Concierges know the theme parks intimately, and can ensure that you won't be spending your time and energy on unnecessary walking.


Minimal Wait Times - Stress Free - VIP Service & Lots Of Fun -
Your Family Time Becomes Our Top Priority:

Our VIP Private Experiences are designed to help you enjoy all the "must-do's" in just the first 6 hours of the day. Your family or group will have hours left during the rest of the day to do anything you like, such as spending a little more time in the park, or heading back to the hotel to cool off at the pool!

How Do I Book A VIP Experience?

Just Click On The "Book A California Adventure VIP Experience" Button.

Once you book a Southern California Private VIP Experience at Disney California Adventure, the first step in the process of customizing your experience is the planning of your itinerary.

Our VIP Concierge will contact you to discuss your specific "likes" and "dislikes".  The Concierge will also work carefully with you to cater your experience to your family or group.  This ensures that your experience will become a memory to last a lifetime.


The cost of a Southern California Private Tour VIP Experience represents the cost of the experience itself, and experience preparation. Guests are responsible for park admission tickets with MAX PASS option, food, souvenirs, or any other expense they incur during their VIP Experience. 

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