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Disneyland Holiday VIP Experiences

Professionally Conducted & Managed VIP Experiences!

Christmas is clearly one of the most special times at Disneyland! The Christmas holidays are some of the busiest of the year!  What better way to navigate the crowds than with our VIP Experience!

Beautiful holiday decor adorns every part of the park possible. A 60 foot Christmas tree compliments Main Street with 70,000 lights and 2,000 custom made ornaments. A 50 foot Christmas tree sits on Buena Vista Street in California Adventure.


Our Disneyland VIP Private Experiences are designed to help you enjoy all the "must-do's" in just the first 6 hours of the day. Your family or group will have hours left during the rest of the day to do anything you like, such as spending a little more time in the park, or heading back to the hotel to cool off at the pool!

Our VIP Concierges Are Second To None When Planning VIP Experiences During The Holiday Season!
(Santa Sure loves Them)

At Southern California Private Tours, we are intimately familiar with Disneyland. Your VIP Concierge will make sure you have the best VIP experience at Disneyland - without stress or confusion, and at a tempo that allows you excitement and time for relaxation. Your tour manager will be "at your service" during your 6 hour tour.

Our VIP Concierges know how to manage the Disneyland Resort during the holidays!  Avail yourself of their expertise and book a VIP Tour Today!

Customized & Unique For Each Guest

​​Holidays with your family at the Disneyland Resort are truly lifetime memories in the making! 


A Customized  Disneyland VIP Private Experience with us means you will have a private concierge working on your itinerary from the minute you make your reservation. Even if you are booking last minute, we will do our utmost to ensure you have the experience of a lifetime.

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