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Southern California Private Tours FAQ

Southern California Private Tours
Frequently Asked Questions

I see that VIP Experiences start at USD $1200.00.  Does your pricing change for Holidays?

Our pricing does change for certain holidays and holiday periods.  Please click the button below for a detailed list of these holidays and periods.

Are Disneyland Park Admission Tickets Included In The Cost Of A VIP Experience?

No, the cost of a Southern California Private Tour represents the cost of the VIP experience itself, and experience preparation. Guests are responsible for park admission tickets with MAX PASS  option, food, souvenirs, or any other expense they incur during the tour.

Do we receive 'head of the line' privileges when engaging Southern California VIP Private Tours?

No, but it may feel just that way as our VIP Concierges are knowledgeable with the least crowded times to visit the attractions to avoid the infamous lines. 

We are experts in utilizing Disney's FASTPASS system. (which very few guests actually know 'how' to use at all)


We are driving/arriving by car.  Where do we park?

The Disneyland Resort in Southern California has many options for those who wish to park.


Are Southern California Private Tours VIP Experiences Only For Families Or Small Groups? We are a couple.

Southern California Private Tours provides customized and unique itineraries to both groups, families and of course, couples.


Our VIP Concierges are very beneficial to couples wishing to create their own private Disneyland Experience.

Our VIP Concierges assist in providing you with an opportunity to enjoy Disneyland while knowing when to allow couples to enjoy "private time" in the park.  This fine balance is part of the itinerary prepared for a couple prior to their arrival.  Our experience for couples has been referred to as a "couples experience of a lifetime."

Our Concierges will expose you to Disneyland's "creme de la creme"  minimizing lines and crowds. He or she will know when to "fade to the background."

Our VIP Concierges handle couples dining arrangements differently. We can assist in making reservations at Disneyland's most romantic restaurants for our couples and reserve tables for two.


We prefer a casual care free day with no itineraries and set times for our Disneyland vacation. Is all this planning necessary?

Your itinerary is a meticulously prepared and carefully thought out plan to best match your interests with our expertise, resulting in a most enjoyable Disneyland vacation.  Many of our guests view it as an integral guide to the most optimal experience. This information, gathered from an interview prior to your tour, assists us in customizing your "likes" and "dislikes".  Our guests have found this to be the most successful and enjoyable way to plan their Disneyland vacation.

Our years of experience speak to the fact that our guests, with our customized itineraries see MUCH more, have MORE fun, and ENJOY a memorable Disneyland holiday.

"Customized vacation planning requires customized flexibility." This is your Disneyland vacation.. We recommend what is most optimal and fun. This is a paramount part of your tour planning and a responsibility we take seriously.  Our VIP Concierges and our guests agree together on what makes best sense for them. On the day of your experience, our VIP Concierge will put your itinerary, your favored interests, combined with his or her knowledge of the park dynamics, together to create the Disneyland experience of a lifetime.

What is a typical Southern California VIP Private Tour Experience?

Of paramount importance is to provide your family or group distance from crowds and lines at every opportunity. Our VIP Concierges dislike waiting MORE than our guests because it's their job to avoid them when possible.  Our Concierges use their knowledge and expertise to visit all of the best attractions for your family at the least crowded times. VIP Concierges also build in bathroom breaks, dining time, and rest breaks to ensure your group is relaxed, and ready to seize the day "Disney Style".

"Tired guests struggle to make Disneyland memories."  Our goal is to provide you want you a genuine "Resort" experience. Providing a comfortable 'Disneyland Pace' is important to us. We prefer to have our guests at the parks when they open, and tour just past lunch. This allows our guests to return to their hotel for genuine rest & relaxation, and allow them to return to Disneyland at their leisure for evening souvenir shopping, parade viewing, water shows, and of course fireworks.


We're not morning people. Would it be better to start later in the day?

Our experience has proven that the best and least crowded times to visit the parks are in the morning because so few guests get up early. They have often been in the parks the previous day and are too tired. We navigate the Disneyland "Lands" quickly (which is much more enjoyable!) and it allows for more time spent on other Disneyland activities.

Note that it's not always about the lines for the attractions either. It can be as simple as getting from Point A to Point B in a crowded park with limited space for people. No matter the time of year, the most crowded time to be in a park is in the middle of the afternoon, and regardless, during the warmest months you don't want to be out in the intense heat and humidity. It simply becomes less and less of an enjoyable vacation experience for everyone.

Additionally, 100% (ALL) of our guests who thought they wouldn't want to be in a park that early have thanked their Concierge by lunch on their first day for politely insisting. Our common guest response for multiple day tours is ... "When should we meet tomorrow morning?"


If these recommendations do not appeal to your family or party, and are unable to consider our 'itinerary plan' as an option, your tour manager will do everything he or she can to make the most of your Disneyland visit.


How many hours per day do most guests engage Southern California VIP Private Tours? What is the cost?

On average, most of our VIP Concierges spend approximately 6 hours per day with their guests.

Our Disneyland VIP Experience cost starts at $1200 per day (during non-peak periods) for parties up to 6 guests.  Peak Season and Holidays have slightly different pricing.  Please refer to our BOOKING page for more information.

I Have Heard There Are New Guidelines For Children's Strollers.  What Are These Guidelines?

Disney has recently updated their stroller related guidelines.

The following guidelines apply to the use of personal and rented strollers at the Disneyland Resort:

  • Strollers are not allowed on escalators. Use of strollers is permitted on elevators and ramps, available at certain locations.

  • A child must be removed from his or her stroller while riding on a parking lot tram.

  • Do not leave personal belongings in an unattended stroller.

  • Strollers may be moved by a Cast Member due to operational needs.

  • Rented strollers may not be taken beyond the Guest screening tents, located in the Esplanade between Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.

  • Strollers larger than 31" (79 cm) x 52" (132 cm) and wagons are not permitted.

  • Stroller wagons (i.e. similar to "Keenz" stroller wagons) are also not permitted.

Is A Gratuity Automatically Added To Or Charged Upon Booking?  What is considered a typical gratuity?

The question comes up very often as to whether or not to tip your VIP Concierge. While a Concierge does work for tips (or a better term is gratuity as TIP means "to ensure prompt service"), a tip is meant to be a reward for an experience meeting your expectations or a guide providing a service that is exemplary.

VIP Concierges in the travel industry work for tips. They are skilled professionals that do much more than just point you in the right direction. Our Concierges have to keep certifications up to date, which require continuous training and education. In addition, most Concierges have college degrees, so they have a great deal of money and time invested in their careers and their futures. They are not guides because of the millions of dollars they make per year. They love what they do and they share this passion with anyone who wants to be a part of their life for a short period of time - whether a few hours or several days.

Depending on your experience, VIP Concierges serve in a multi-faceted roll. For example, they do much more than just lead guests through the Disney Resort. They educate their guests about the history - flora, fauna, secrets, dining, attractions, etc. They also ensure guest safety, entertain, coach, manage emergency situations, think on the fly, encourage, administer  aid if required, cheer, befriend, talk, listen, manage time, council and sometimes even provide a shoulder to cry on. Whether on a Disneyland VIP Experience, or a California Adventure VIP Experience, you name it - our VIP Concierges have been through it and they know the attractions they introduce to our guests like no one else.

A Gratuity (or Tip) is completely left to your discretion as to how much gratuity (if any) you would like to add. Any gratuity that is added to the bill will be provided directly to your Private VIP Concierge.  Guests are also most welcome to provide a gratuity to their VIP Concierge in Cash at the end of their experience.  Most of our guests tip between 10%-20% of the Experience Cost.

Cancellation Policy:

All cancellations must be made no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the first day of your experience to be eligible for a refund (minus an administrative and planning fee equal to ten percent (10%) of the experience cost). All cancellations and request for refunds must be made in writing by email to  No refunds are given for experiences cancelled less than 14 days in advance. Should a guest ‘no show’ for their scheduled experience, it will be handled as a cancellation with no refund issued. If you believe you are going to be late for your tour, please call the VIP Concierge assigned to you before the time your experience is scheduled to begin to avoid having your experience cancelled (their phone number will be provided to you with your meeting information)

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