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#DisneyFamilia: DIY Three Kings-Inspired Maracas!

by Sarah Domenech, Public Relations Manager

DIY Three Kings-Inspired Maracas
DIY Three Kings-Inspired Maracas

To help you celebrate El Día de los Tres Reyes Magos (Three Kings Day) this upcoming January 6, we bring you a very easy ‘do it yourself’ craft that will definitely be a hit among your familia. Of course they include a Disney touch!

These maracas, a set of three, are made of everyday items (rice, beans and bells!) and are hand crafted with metallic paints and bejeweled with hints of Disney elements. Súper lindas!

You and everyone in your family will be able to sing to your favorite songs and the little ones will be able to make lots of sound when shaking the maracas while celebrating this lovely and important tradition of the Tres Reyes Magos: Melchor, Gaspar, and Balthazar— who traveled by camel across the desert to present baby Jesus with three symbolic gifts.

Download the directions here. Please be sure to read our terms of use before downloading.

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