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Disneyland has a new horse working on Main Street. Meet Bert!

If you notice the horse drawn streetcars at Disneyland, you might notice a big gray fellow that’s a recent addition to the fleet that’s been transporting guests up and down Main Street since opening day in 1955. His name is Bert, and he’s the latest horse to become a cast member in Anaheim.

We had some questions about Bert and here are the answers Disneyland provided:

Q. What breed of horse is Bert?

A. Bert is a Percheron Draft Horse. This breed originated in France, specifically the Perche Province which is where the breed gets its name. We have 8 Percherons here at Disneyland Resort and 2 half Percheron horses.

Q. How much does he weigh?

A. Bert weighs approximately 1,800 pounds.

Q. How old is he?

A. He is 6 years old.

Q. Was he named Bert after the character in Mary Poppins?

A. He came named Bert and it was just a sweet fit for Main Street, U.S.A.!

Q. Where did he come from?

A. Bert came from a place called Bent, Montana, a small town close to Great Falls, where he was purchased from a family owned and operated farm. He arrived alongside his teammate Bill who will also be making his way out to Main Street, U.S.A. later this year.

Q. Did he replace a retired horse?

A. Bert did take a position previously held by a Belgian Draft horse named Holly. She worked with us for nearly 15 years and now has a wonderful home with one of our Cast Members.

Q. What are his likes/dislikes?

A. Bert likes just about everyone and everything. He is very personable and curious, his most favorite thing is attention in the form of scratches and petting. He also enjoys playing with a large ball when in the pasture.

Q. Any other fun facts about Bert that you can share?

A. He is surprisingly good at blowing raspberries and does this anytime he wants attention or gets bored.

Q. How many horses does Disneyland own?

A. We maintain 18. We currently have 16 as two have retired this year, and we will be adding to our herd later this summer or fall.

Q. How many work at one time?

A. We operate two at a time for 2-3 hours a piece, generally four horses a day.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about how you train a new horse for the route up and down Main Street?

A. We have a very involved training program that ensures that our horses are comfortable and confident when it is time to do their job on Main Street, U.S.A. They start their training at our ranch in Norco, and then they graduate to training at Disneyland to experience the crowds and guests.



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