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Disneyland Resorts - EARTHQUAKES - Oh My!

The ground was moving under Disneyland last week as Southern California felt one of the biggest earthquakes in the last 50 years. The 7.1 magnitude quake made national news and rattled SoCal residents, including Disneyland.

Throughout this Blog we will take you through what we know of the "Disney Earthquake Protocol". We’re shaken, not stirred. 


Last week we had two major earthquakes here in California. While both were located outside of Orange County, they were felt strongly throughout the area. The first happened on July 4, traditionally one of the busiest days of the year for Disneyland, with a magnitude of 6.4. Rides automatically shut down and guests were evacuated from attractions. Then, just one day later, a 7.1 hit and the procedures were repeated. Keep in mind that the quakes were over 120 miles away from Disneyland, so the impact wasn’t a fraction of what the poor folks in the Ridgecrest area suffered through. 

And....for those of you who heard reports that Disneyland and the Disney Resort were being scarily shaken to the is what happened in "real time". Most guests didn't give the earthquake much of a second thought, other than having to experience the "Disney Earthquake Protocol", designed to keep us all safe.

What happens when the big one hits? 

Disneyland has procedures for every attraction and public space. If the quake is a minor one, most rides will cycle through and stop for inspection. More extreme shaking will cause seismic sensors to automatically stop the ride and guests will be evacuated when it is safe to do so. If guests are in danger of falling debris, they will be instructed to move to large outdoor spaces such as the Central Plaza or Small World Mall.  

Keep in mind that much of Disneyland was built in the 50’s and 60’s and not all areas have the same earthquake readiness as newer areas such as Galaxy’s Edge or California Adventure.  Every time there is a quake, we start receiving calls and requests for information from frazzled tourists. “Is Disneyland safe in an earthquake?”, “What happens when a quake happens if you are on a ride?”, “Does Disneyland shut down when a quake hits?”. 

Disney has trained their cast members for emergencies and teams are ready to respond and assist guests, not just for earthquakes, but for any natural disaster, fire, or terrorist threat.  In many ways, you may be safer at Disney than at home or the mall.  


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