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Dusk to Dawn, Dawn to Dusk: New Orleans Square at Disneyland Park

by Kevin Rafferty, Jr., External Communications Manager, Disneyland Resort

New Orleans Square
New Orleans Square

Disneyland Resort is like its own little city, bustling with activity 24 hours a day. That’s why we are introducing a new video series called “Dusk to Dawn, Dawn to Dusk.” This time-lapse series will highlight the many goings on from either dusk to dawn, or dawn to dusk throughout the Disneyland Resort.

This video is from the vantage point of New Orleans Square, starting with “Fantasmic!” and ending the next morning with guests traveling at lightspeed toward Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. In between, you’ll see the hard work of our third-shift cast members and the annual Disneyland Resort Canoe Races.

Some imagination, huh?

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