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Look Closer: Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue! at Disney California Adventure Park

Michael Ramirez, Editorial Content Director, Disneyland Resort

Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue

Strap in, humans, for an inside look at the Monster world. Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue! at Disney California Adventure park takes guests on a taxi tour of Monstropolis on the very day that a human child happens to get loose in the city. Come take a closer look at Mike and Sulley’s world!

Vending Machines

In the Monstropolis Transit Authority Terminal, where humans queue up for their taxi tours of the city, check out the vending machine snacks. Monsters craving Drooler Cooler, Primordial Ooze or a Bag O Calories can grab a satisfying treat made for monster appetites.

Mike and Celia

Once in the taxi, one of the first things visitors will see is Mike Wazowski and his girlfriend, Celia, enjoying a romantic night in Mike’s convertible. Count the five snakes that make up Celia’s hair – their names are Ameilia, Ophelia, Octelia, Bobelia and Madge. Celia’s snakes tend to reflect how she’s feeling. In this case, she’s happy to be with Mike!

Child Detection Agency

Visitors may also spot the Child Detection Agency storming the scene. The C.D.A. is responsible for keeping human children out of Monstropolis, and are hot on the heels of our heroes, Mike and Sulley. A little known fact is that the director of “Monsters, Inc.,” Peter Docter, voices one of the C.D.A. agents heard on the attraction.

Locker Room Bulletins

Before entering the locker room, check out the bulletin board for important memos and postings – like “The Top Ten Ways to Get Fired” at Monsters, Inc. The number one way? Forgetting to file your paperwork, of course!

Mike in Locker Room

Mike and Sulley head over to the locker room with Boo, just steps away from the scare floor. Mike may have one big eye, but his eyesight is not so good. As a result, he has to wear a contact lens the size of a soup bowl. Can you spot it resting on the locker room bench?

Mike, Sulley, and Boo

Making our way into the door vault, we see Randall Boggs trying to foil Mike and Sulley’s plan to get Boo home. Don’t forget to look up and around though! The door vault has 236 individual doors, including Boo’s. There may even be a visit from a friendly monster with a yummy frozen treat.

At long last the taxi returns to the Monstropolis Transit station, where Roz sends visitors off. We hope you enjoyed your visit to the city of Monstropolis!

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