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New Elote Hot Dog at the Refreshment Corner in Disneyland Park

Now available at the Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner at Disneyland Park is the “Elote Dog” combo. This monstrosity of a hot dog will run you $11.49, however AP discounts can be used. If you normally grab the elote corn on the cob in DCA, do yourself a favor and give this a try.

You won’t find this on the menu board, but there are two display cases advertising this beauty.

This looks pretty close to the display. A giant hot dog on a bun covered in grilled corn goodness with a Mexican mayo, chili powder, cotija cheese and garnished with a lime. This does come with a bag a chips, and the giant hot dog is easily split between two people, so it really isn’t a bad deal for the price.

The hot dog was on the “snappier” side, but had good flavor. The bun was soft, but I found I didn’t eat much of it.

Make sure to grab a fork and knife because this is delicious, but messy. The grilled corn added a nice crunchy texture and the chili powder gave it just a touch of spice, but not so much that kids wouldn’t enjoy it.

There is a lot of mayo. It was easily scrapped off to create a ratio that I found suitable to not cause a coronary condition.

The ends you can actually pick up and manage to hold, but the bun is still pretty big.

Overall, this is a great addition to the menu and likely available for a limited time. Hot dog fans, elote fans, Mexican food fans, and corn fans should all be satisfied with this. Do yourself a favor and give this a try. Just grab plenty of napkins and a fork.


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