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REVIEW: New Jingle Julep At Disneyland’s Bengal Barbecue

I am not sure how a frozen hot chocolate could be anything but good, but I had to try it to be sure and it did not disappoint. Even on a cold evening, the Jingle Julep was still worth drinking. The mix of the white chocolate with cookie butter just felt festive. The pretzel straw that they added in was a nice touch as well. I will say though, eat the pretzel stick as soon as you get it because it was soggy after a few minutes of being in the drink. I would get this again, it was refreshing but indulgent at the same time.

For maximum enjoyment, if you plan to try this in the parks, mobile order it to avoid the almost always long line. The cost for this indulgent drink is $5.49.

The Jingle Julep is available at The Bengal Barbecue for the holiday season, through January 6, 2019.



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